2021 Mattress Buying Guide: Best Mattress Warranties

Mattresses are a huge investment and should therefore come with a good warranty to protect you from defects and manufacturing flaws. However, mattress warranties can be confusing and challenging to understand. That’s because there are several sub-clauses that may undermine the worth and value of the warranty. At Nest Bedding, we offer our clients a reliable, limited warranty against sagging and faulty materials for your peace of mind.

What Is Warrant And Why Is It Vital?

A warranty guarantees that a product will perform in a particular way, for a certain period, and under specific conditions. Typically, it’s an agreement that your investment is protected. That means if something goes wrong that isn’t your fault, the manufacturer will either repair or replace free of charge. This assures you of quality and allows you to purchase the mattress without fear that it might malfunction or fall short of the specified performance specs.

What Is Covered In A Mattress Warranty?

Nest Bedding Mattress warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product. That means the limited warranty cannot be transferred to another subsequent owner of the mattress. Typically, the Nest Bedding Mattress Warranty will cover the following manufacturing defects:

  • Excessive or premature sagging is a sign of defect. While sagging is expected after frequent use, your mattress is supposed to maintain a solid and even sleeping surface for up to7 -10 years.
  • Cover zipper flaws. However, this doesn’t include breakage from improper or overuse of the zipper.
  • Significant bunching (a common defect in foam mattresses)
  • Torn or broken mattress handles
  • Cover flow such as stitch unraveling or fabric tearing that isn’t from improper usage
  • Burst, broken, or bent coils (in hybrid or innerspring mattresses)
  • Size inconsistencies of more than an inch

What Isn’t Covered In A Mattress Warranty?

As mentioned earlier, a mattress warranty covers every defect directly linked to the shortcomings of the manufacturer. However, your mattresses won’t last forever; it’s susceptible to wear and tear and other everyday issues or slight cosmetic flaws that aren’t covered by your warranty. These issues include:

  • Normal wear and tear, including deterioration, scuffing, corner threads coming out, blemishes, or handles becoming slightly loose after using the mattress for an extended period. It can also include burns, stains, or discoloration that occur over time.
  • Improper mattress use; The intended use of a mattress is sleeping, laying on, or resting, and any other use is considered misuse of the mattress.
  • Body indentations or sagging less than one inch deep
  • Bent border wires or torn fabric that results from the transportation of the mattress, rough using like jumping on it, or using improper frame
  • Mattresses bought from a non-authorized distributor.
  • Mattresses that are sold “as is” or floor models that are sold with pre-existing damages
  • Naturally occurring scents from cotton, foam, or other mattress materials
  • Sensitivities or allergies to materials or fabrics
  • Physical damage caused by you, children, pets, or rodents
  • Decreased satisfaction over time as a result of regular use such as change of preferences or opinions regarding the support, firmness, softness, or other attributes of the mattress
  • Minor imperfections like minute cosmetic flaws

What Can Void A Warranty?

Manufacturers offer a warranty to give you peace of mind when buying mattresses but still draw the line somewhere. At Nest Bedding, the following aspects might void your warranty:

Removing the tag– Many products designed for home use, including mattresses, have a tag saying “do not remove.” Removing this tag can void your warranty because manufacturers use it to trace their products.

Improper support– Like a non-matching, old box spring, or a missing support bar, or placing the mattress directly on the floor

How to File a Warranty Claim

To file a warranty claim, you should contact the Nesting Bedding customer support department through [email protected]. You’ll need to email the following:

  • Proof of purchase- The order number and the name of the person who placed the order
  • A brief description of the mattress defect
  • A photo or short video proof documenting the issue you’re experiencing

Upon claim receipt, Nest Bedding will send a response within seven business days.

Warranty Remedy

Nest Bedding will, in sole discretion, determine if your defect is legitimate according to the limited warranty. Typically, if your claim is legit, we will repair or replace the mattress with a comparable model and size. But, in case your size or model has been discontinued, Nest bedding will offer the most comparable mattress available as a replacement at the company’s sole discretion.

Before purchasing a mattress, it’s crucial to learn more about warranties. That will help you learn how to care for your mattress and what to expect when it comes to performance, quality, repairs, and replacements.

Ashley Furniture10-year limited warranty
Beautyrest1-10-year limited warranty
Casper10-year limited warranty
CostcoUnlimited return policy
Denver10-15-year limited warranty
Helix10-15-year limited warranty
Ikea25-year limited warranty
Kingsdown1-30-year limited warranty
Leesa10-year limited warranty
Macy’s10-year protection plan
Nest BeddingLifetime warranty
NectarLifetime warranty
PuffyLifetime warranty
Purple10-year limited warranty
Restonic1-10-year limited warranty
Rooms to Go1-year limited warranty
Saatva15-year limited warranty
Sam’s Club100% satisfaction guarantee
SealyDepends on the mattress
Sears30-day return policy
Serta1-20-year limited warranty
Simmons7- or 10-year limited warranty
Stearns and FosterDepends on the mattress
Tempur-Pedic10-year limited warranty
Zinus10-year limited warranty


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