5 Best OLED TVs for your Home Entertainment Setup

OLED technology used to be too expensive to be realistic for most people – that’s slowly changing. There are now some truly budget OLEDs that offer great value for the price. As technology continues to develop, these screens will be the gold standard for movie and TV lovers.  

1. Sony Bravia A9G – Best Overall

The Sony Bravia A9G features the best upscaling of the content of any OLED TV on this list. It also features Acoustic Surface+ audio, which emits sound from the panel itself. 

The Sony Bravia A9G also features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos but doesn’t support HDR10. That’s unfortunate for gamers, but this TV is geared more towards cinephiles. The TV is IMAX Enhanced and is available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models. 

2. LG C9 Series – Best Runner-up

The LG C9 series continues to be one of the best-in-class OLED TVs on the market. The LG C9 offers a crisp, clear OLED panel at a much lower price point than many competitors. The webOS platform for navigating the TV’s smart features are also unrivaled. The C9 series features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, but not HDR10+. 

3. Philips OLED 804 – Most Features

One thing that sets Philips apart from other manufacturers is including Ambilight technology on their smart TVs. The technology brings built-in mood lighting for your TV. 

The 804 series features support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support, making it great for gamers. It also runs Android TV, which isn’t the best smart TV experience out there. 

4. Panasonic GZ2000 – Most Cinematic

The Panasonic GZ2000 is the best TV panel for gamers, because of its HDR10+ support. It also features Dolby Vision and HLG formats – supporting more formats than the previous two TVs on the list. 

The GZ2000’s color reproduction is second to none, but the sound quality is where the TV really shines. It features 140W speakers in a built-in soundbar and offers cinema-quality sound without an external AV kit. 

5. Hisense O8B – Best Budget OLED

The Hisense 08B offers the cheapest OLED TV panel on the market. It features an LG-made OLED panel, though it is missing some key features. It does support HDR10 and Dolby Atmos but features no support for Dolby Vision. Unfortunately, the software is pretty clunky to use compared to other OLED panels on this list. 


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