5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Luxury Bed Frame

Recent research suggests that Americans will spend as many as 36 years of their lives in bed. That’s enough time to earn nine college degrees, take four laps of the world on foot, or write War and Peace six times!

If you haven’t given it thought before, now might be a good time to consider whether or not you’re happy with your luxury bed frame! 

Choosing a high-quality bed frame should be a long-term commitment. At Nest, all our bedroom furniture is sustainable, long-lasting, and crafted with design in mind. Every piece ensures you’ll spend those 36 years in comfort. 

We’ve created this list of five tips to help you select your perfect luxury bed frame. Read on to find out how bed frames from Nest make the decision simple. 

Tip #1: Choose an Eco-Friendly Bed Frame 

If you’re dreaming of a greener future, shop for luxury bed frames that help make that dream a reality. Wooden bed frames may be all-natural, but they aren’t all sustainable. Take the time to research the source of your wood and the practices used to grow and harvest it. 

At Nest, our best-kept secret is that our sustainable, ethically sourced materials are more durable than the alternatives. Take our Azara Bedroom collection, for example. We craft our Azara luxury king bed frame from 100% Moso bamboo, one of the quickest growing and most sustainable substances available. 

When you purchase a sustainable bamboo bed frame, you’ve chosen materials that are 20% stronger than red oak wood. We construct each frame out of solid Moso slats, making your luxury furniture as sturdy as it is kind to the earth. That means your bedframe will last for years without losing quality or comfort. 

Tip #2: Decide if You Want to Assemble It

When you’re in the market for luxury beds, you’re thinking about quality sleep, not hard labor. You deserve the gorgeous bedroom set from the pictures right out of the box. Don’t pay top dollar for a pile of confusing, disassembled parts that mean spending multiple nights in a sleeping bag while you solve the puzzle!

Even our luxurious Arcadian bed frame will arrive ready to assemble, with no tools required. Our white-glove delivery team will do all the work to ensure your new bed frame meets our high standards – for free. All you’ll need to do is make up the bed with your favorite breathable nest bedding, and you’ll be able to enjoy a night of quality sleep immediately. 

If you choose to do it yourself, you won’t need to work very hard. We designed our luxury beds with simple and intuitive assembly and disassembly in mind. Our system is color-coded, making our furniture a breeze to put together, even if you’re moving cross-country or around the world.  

Tip #3: Don’t Sacrifice Your Style

Your bedroom may be a place for rest, but it’s also your sanctuary. A cohesive, well-designed bedroom can reduce stress and provide peace of mind. The best luxury bed frame for you shouldn’t only be practical—it should also reflect your sense of taste and style. 

Designing a pleasant space is easy when you choose a bed frame that’s part of a thoughtfully-designed bedroom collection. The Mercury Bedroom Collection includes a luxury platform in queen, king, or California king sizes. You can also choose from coordinating chests and nightstands to complete the look. 

The unique, sustainable materials we use to craft every Nest product add to their cohesive aesthetic. The eco-friendly Moso bamboo and the soft woven upholstered headboard make each bedframe a work of art. With Nest, we build the concept of luxury into every aspect of our products, so the quality is visible.  

When you add tasteful organic Nest Bedding, anyone who visits your bedroom will understand your quest for quality. The right bed frame and bedding can also transform guest rooms into stylish, high-end suites rivaling the finest hotels. 

Tip #4: Choose the Right Frame for Your Space

Whether you’re furnishing the bedroom in a luxurious suite or giving a makeover to a simple studio apartment, your bed will be the centerpiece that ties the room together. Thus, the size your choose plays a role in the flow and cohesion of your space. 

A larger bed frame may be comfortable, but it can make a small room look tinier, eliminating space. Instead, choose a queen-sized bed frame and save the extra space for multi-use furniture. A dressing table makes a fine desk without sacrificing aesthetics, and your bed will still be a high-quality piece that draws the eye. 

Likewise, smaller beds get lost in bigger spaces, making even the most comfortable bedrooms feel unmoored and unwieldy. A Califonia king bed frame is a presence that adds a sense of comfort and intimacy to suites. The bed will make your room feel cozier, making it easier to relax and enjoy quality sleep. 

Tip #5: Comfort Comes First

Your bed frame has a big job. It needs to cradle your mattress so that your mattress can do the work of supporting you during sleep. Assuming you sleep between six and eight hours each night, that’s not a job to take lightly. 

The truth is that comfort is a matter of personal preference, and the bed frame that will lead to your best night of sleep is as unique as you are. Nest offers everything from a bi-fold foundation to handcrafted wooden platforms so you can choose the piece that works for you.  When you choose bedroom furniture built with high quality in mind, you’re assuring that every choice is the right choice for your body and your comfort. 

A New Luxury Bed Frame Leads to Luxurious Sleep

Choosing a luxury bed frame is about more than size. A sustainable, well-designed piece of easily assembled furniture can improve your quality of life. If you keep our tips in mind, you’ll be sleeping easily in a room that reflects your values, comfort, and style for years to come. 

It’s all possible when you choose an eco-friendly, hand-crafted luxury bed frame from Nest. We invite you to browse our selection of bed frames, bedroom sets, and base foundations. You won’t lose sleep over this decision!


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