5 Top Bedroom Trends for 2022

One of the biggest — and most unexpected — impacts that the COVID 19 pandemic had was in the world of design. With so many people inside, regular, everyday people just like you realized that it was important for them to care about their living environment.

With the proper eye, everyone’s home can look just as good as the majesty of nature or the grace of a work of art. It greatly helps one’s aesthetic sensibility to keep updated with the most popular trends in the world of decoration.

In this article, we’ll take a look at bedroom trends. The latest bedroom trends will surely smash your expectations and bring a new level of extravagance to your home. Keep reading to find the best 2022 bedroom trends. 

1. Modernist Contrasts

The COVID 19 pandemic delayed the dawn of the 2020s as a distinct cultural decade. However, with pandemic restrictions lifting slowly but surely (taking the long view), 2022 will be the year where the 2020s truly defines itself as a decade. 

One of the biggest up-and-coming trends will be the revival of the extravagant modernism that was found in the 1920s. Modernism was a time of harsh contrasts, emphasizing man’s ability to make his way through the world. 

Modernist designs make use of complimentary color pallates. This means the pairing of colors from the opposite sides of the color wheel. The most famous of these is contrasting black with white — which immediately gives a sense of the urbane and the modern.

We recommend taking a look at our certified organic latex bed for the most up-to-date modernist look out there.

However, you can turn the color wheel any which way you want to.

Throw red and green together to create a room that screams exoticism and adventure. Put blue up against orange if you want to give your room the hue of contemporary hollwood cinema. Purple and yellow can transform your room into a phantasmagoric dream scape. 

2. Modernist Technology 

To go with the modern look, why noy go with bedding that emphasizes the technologically up-to-date aspect of modernism as well? Just check out our HomeBase foundation with an included usb powerbase. There’s no reason why your bed can’t be another place for you to charge your phone. 

At the end of the day, this new wave of modernism is more of a state of mind. Work your new bedding together with metallic lights, LEDs lighting fixtures, a sleek, minimal wardrobe, and even some contemporary art, and you have the perfect moderniist room.

3. Rustic Imports 

However, modernism isn’t the only bedroom style that’s in right now. The internet has people constantly talking to eachother and developing new ideas and aesthetics — and one of the most exciting is the world of neo-rustic charm. 

Many people appreciate the warm friendliness of the danish aesthetic hygge. You can oftne find Tumblr and Instagram accounts dedicated to promoting this rustic but ultra-hip style. A similar style is the german concept of Gemütlichkeit — which emphasizes cordiality and friendship in design. 

4. Neo-Rustic Cohesion 

Other people have gotten even more specific, developing a sort of punk-rock love of ellegance and softness called “cottagecore”. Cottagecore is all about developing an existence that’s closer to nature — even in man-made spaces. Cottagecore styles are often inspired by fashions of previous centuries. 

In general, all of these neo-rustic styles make use of analagous color schemes. Colors tend to stick on the brown and green side. Rather than stark contrasts, which help you notice the colors, these rustic styles blend different shades of color together to create a more firendly air. 

Our rustic platform is perfect for anyone looking to embrace one of these new styles. Pair it with any old wicker chair you might have with some hardwood floors and this number and you have the ingredients for a gorgoeus rustic home. 

And while you’re there, why not pair it with our rustic nightstand? This nightstand adds charm to any room. Stuff it with some old-looking books — which you can buy cheap online as decoration books — and you have the cottagecore look of your dreams. 

5. Retro 20th Century Styles

We’ve hit a point in the 21st century where many people are nostalgic for earlier decades. With the rapid increase of technolgoy and the rise of TV in the 21st cenutry, fashions were born and killed quite quickly. This means that each individual decade has it’s own distinct styles — particularly in the second half of the century. 

Figure out which decade is best for you.

Do you like the 80s? Perhaps you should do your room up in lavish colors, band posters, and even some knick-knacks of the era. Some contemporary LED and neon light companies may even be able to make you something that’s more 80s than the 80s was itself! 

If you prefer the 70s, maybe you can gift yourself some shag carpeting. You imght even be able to find yourself a chair or rug that matches your carpet, which will help you recreate that vintage 70s look.

Understand Contemporary Bedroom Trends

As you can see, contemporary bedroom trends are firing out into many different directions. The world is demanding change — whether that means hurtling into the future, looking back at styles from former decades, or looking to the fashion trends ofa nother country. 

At the end of the day, there are so many different styles out there that you will find out to help you model your room after. Make sure you pick one that reflects your personal interests and desires, however. 


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