7 Pro Tips for Finding the Mattress Size That’s Right for You

Is mattress size really important? Actually, yes, it is.

The size of your mattress determines whether you’ll spend your night bumping into your partner, dangling halfway over the edge, or rolling off onto the floor. In short (no pun intended), a mattress that’s too small reduces the quality of your sleep.

So, how important is sleep quality? The CDC answers that one. Insufficient sleep can cause depression, heart disease, diabetes, and many other chronic conditions.

On the other hand, a mattress that’s too big won’t fit in your bedroom. So, to help you avoid all these problems, we’ve written you this guide on how to find the right mattress size. Use these 7 pro tips when shopping for a new mattress.

1. Measure Your Dimensions

Before we lay out the mattress sizes for you, you should know where you fit in. You probably already know your height. But you should also measure the width of your body and your total width with your arms stretched all the way out to your sides.

Write these dimensions down in inches so you can compare them to the mattress dimensions we’ll share below.

2. Measure Your Significant Other’s Height

If you share the bed, measure your significant other’s dimensions, too. Then, you can consider how both of you will fit on the mattress together.

3. Give Yourself (or Yourselves) Room to Roll

The measurements you took weren’t just to see if you could barely fit onto the mattress if you spread yourself out and lay perfectly still. After all, that’s not how most of us sleep.

We roll left, we roll right—we make little adjustments to our sleep position throughout the night. And whoever shares the bed with you does, too.

So, take measurements of this as well. Lay on your right side, knees bent, and mark the space in front of your knees with painter’s tape. Then, roll to your left and do the same.

Finally, measure the distance between these two points. Now, you can finally tell how much space you need no matter what position(s) you sleep in.

4. Measure Your Bedroom Space

Finding the most comfortable mattress size for you is great. But if you don’t have space, you don’t have space. 

Before you purchase a bed or bed frame, get out your measuring tape and head to your room. Find the perfectly-sized mattress for you from the comparison below. Then, use your measuring tape to see if you have the required amount of space.

You might consider getting rid of any bedroom items that are in the way (or moving to a larger room/house). Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for a smaller bed.

5. Consider the Future

Speaking of moving/rearranging your bedroom, how permanent is your situation? What we mean is, some of the factors that determine your ideal mattress size are subject to change.

For example, if you’re single right now, that can change suddenly. Then, the bed that’s big enough for you might not be big enough for both of you. It would be smart to get a larger bed if you hope to one day have a partner.

Next, are you living with your parents, or with a roommate, or in a dorm room? Consider how likely you are to move and when that might happen. Think about where your future is headed and if there’s room for your bed in that future.

6. Know Your Mattress Size Options

Now, here’s the mattress size chart you’ve been waiting for:

  • Twin mattresses are 39X75
  • Full mattresses are 54X75
  • Queen mattresses are 60X80
  • King mattresses are 76X80
  • California King mattresses are 72X84

But don’t choose just yet. Next, we cover how to use these dimensions, and those you wrote down, to choose the right mattress size for you.

7.  How to Choose Your Mattress Size: The Ultimate Size Comparison

Finally, we’ll now compare these different mattress sizes and explain the situations that each size is best suited for. Have your measurements handy and read on.

Twin: 39X75

The first requirement for choosing a twin mattress is that the person sleeping on it is shorter than the average adult. For example, the average adult female is about 64 inches tall

Also, your head will be on a pillow, several inches from the top edge of the mattress. So, if you’re an adult woman of average height, your feet will be right at the bottom edge of the mattress. That’s not very comfy when your sheets are tucked in under the mattress. 

Secondly, keep in mind that a twin is a one-person bed. Still, it’s a great choice for a child’s mattress. But it isn’t large enough for most adults.

Full: 54X75

A full mattress is wider, but not longer, than a twin mattress. So, the height of those laying on it is still an issue.

Also, the increased width still isn’t enough for couples to sleep comfortably on, even those of below-average height. But one who’s both single and short can get a good night’s sleep on it.

Queen: 60X80

Since queens are 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider than full mattresses, they are adequate for most couples. Of course, you’ll want to use the measurements you took earlier to determine if this is enough room for you.

King: 76X80

If you’re very tall and a queen mattress just isn’t long enough, a king mattress is not going to help. The length is no different between the two.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re an average-sized couple who wants to upgrade their bed size from “adequate” to, “Ooh, that’s nice.” Specifically, you’ll each have enough room for yourselves on a king mattress. If you share a bed and need space while you sleep, get a king.

California King: 72X84

Lastly, the California king is the only mattress choice for extra-tall individuals, aside from custom mattresses. For couples, though, it’s less ideal than a normal king mattress since it’s 4 inches shorter in width.

Use This Guide to Find the Perfect Mattress Size For You

Don’t spend another night on an improperly-sized mattress.


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