7 Reasons You Can’t Sleep During the Summer

The average person gets just five hours and fifty-nine minutes of sleep during the summertime. It seems bizarre that a change in the season would cause so many people to have trouble sleeping, and yet it happens to nearly everyone. 

Why are there so many people who can’t sleep during the summer? There are several reasons for this.

And thankfully, some of them have an easy solution. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Changes in Light Mean You Can’t Sleep

You know the drill; you’re ready for bed, looking forward to drifting off to a calm sleep. But your curtains have other ideas. They don’t provide the darkness you need to rest your head. 

Instead, they let the long summer night’s daylight in, confusing your body into believing it’s still time to be awake. This results in sleepless nights, as you could have to wait until as late as midnight to truly shut your eyes. 

Thankfully, there are two fairly easy solutions to this problem. Firstly, black-out curtains will do wonders for your sleep. They don’t have to be expensive as long as they do the trick. 

You can even just layer blankets over your curtain rail to keep out the light, although this could trap excess heat. 

A second cure for sleepless nights is a simple eye mask. You might think they’ll be uncomfortable to wear, but you won’t’ believe just how quickly you get used to them. And how beneficial they are for your summer sleep.

2. Increased Alcohol Intake Could Be Causing Your Sleepless Nights

Is there anything nicer than a summer barbecue? Surrounded by neighbors, family, and friends, it’s a perfect time of year to kick back with a good burger and a cold beer. 

Unfortunately, that beer could be keeping you up. Drinking alcohol before bedtime results in less rapid eye movement while you sleep–this is the exceptionally important stage of deep sleep when you’re dreaming. It has all kinds of benefits, not least of all improved brain function. 

And drinking alcohol before you sleep could be stopping it from happening. 

Now, no one’s trying to stop you from enjoying a drink over the summer! But, to improve sleep health, try switching from alcohol to non-caffeinated drinks or water about an hour before bed.

You’ll sober up super fast, and get the added benefit of a good night’s sleep and a hangover-free morning. 

3. More Heat Means More Trouble Sleeping

We all love to be toasty and cozy in bed. But in the summer, this can get a little too overbearing. 

Overheating in the warmer months is very common, especially during the more humid nights. What’s worse is being too warm can sometimes be hard to recognize. 

But, with the right mattress, these cares can simply disappear. A soft, cooling mattress that adapts to your shape and sleep pattern can do wonders for keeping you at the right temperature all through the night.

Other solutions include getting up to get yourself a glass of water. If you’re too warm, you might be dehydrated, which will definitely keep you up. And the brief change in position from your bed to the kitchen sink can help you readjust when you return to your cozy kingdom. 

4. Changes in Your Sleep Routine Are Keeping You Up

Summer is the time for fun late nights with friends. And this naturally means your sleep routine changes. 

This can result in laying in bed late in the morning and going to bed late at night. It disrupts the sleep cycle your body is used to, making it harder for you to drift off. 

One tip is to set an alarm in the morning. Even if you’re tired when you wake up, your body will naturally readjust to an early rise, leaving you ready for bed when the time comes to go. 

5. Those Afternoon Naps Could Be Causing Sleep Deprivation

With a busy summer schedule, you could find yourself sleepy in the warm afternoons. An afternoon nap can be tempting, but it can also gravely distort your sleep schedule. 

Even just a twenty-minute nap can see you tossing and turning at all hours of the night. It’s simply a disruption in your mind; your brain can’t quite get a hold of why you would be sleeping in the afternoon and not at night. 

Of course, you shouldn’t deny yourself sleep if you’re tired. But one easy solution is to take your naps in the early afternoon, around one or two, instead of in the evening. 

That way, when the night rolls around, you should hopefully be tired enough to drift off easily.

6. Your Phone Is Keeping You Awake

We’ve all been there; you’re scrolling social media, promising yourself you’ll only stay online for ten minutes before going to sleep. Next thing you know, it’s two in the morning. 

That bright blue light, anxiety-inducing news stories, and short-form flashing videos are all suspects for why you can’t sleep during the summer.

With more freedom from work, or possibly not enough time to yourself due to the kids being off school, it’s easy to convince yourself a little alone time with your phone won’t do much harm. 

What might help is swapping out your phone for a book. Sure, take your fifteen minutes of screen time while lying in bed. But set an alarm so that you put the phone down after this time and pick up a book.

Reading just a few pages can relax you enough to fall into a deep and well-deserved sleep. 

7. You’re Working From Your Bed

You might have heard that your bed is meant for sleeping. But, with extra family time being a priority during the holidays, you might find yourself tempted to take your laptop into bed and get those reports done with a pillow under your head. 

Sadly, this makes actually falling asleep more of a challenge than it needs to be. Your mind will start to associate your bed with a place of work and productivity (and possibly stress). And this seriously disrupts your chances of an easy night. 

Having a dedicated working-from-home space can help. Even if it’s the desk across from your bed, you’ll still find it easier to fall asleep once you stop associating your mattress with all your work deadlines. 

Get The Most Out of Your Night’s Sleep

It’s often very frustrating for people when they can’t sleep. It leaves you drained the next day, and you end up in a vicious cycle of trying to correct your late night.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Knowing what’s causing your sleep deprivation is the first step to truly tackling it. 

You deserve a good night’s rest, no matter the season. Better sleep starts with better sheets. Check out our selection today!


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