Best Shows to Binge on Prime Video

Not sure what show you want to watch on Amazon’s Prime Video? We’ve got you covered. So let’s start with the newest and hottest releases on the platform.

The Boys Present: Diabolical

The original Prime Video TV show serves a platter of dark humor, heart, socio-political commentary, gratis violence, and a biting take on superheroes. On March 4 this year, this animated spin-off of The Boys expanded its universe in finer detail, building on the plot and its major players. A prolific collection of anime and animation techniques, The Boys Present: Diabolical is binge-able in one sitting.

Upload Season 2

Uploaded on March 11, the sophomore season of Upload explores the extremes of technology, building on the central concept of uploading your mind to a server after death. The sci-fi rom-com series maintains its witty nature with commentaries on politics, socioeconomic imbalance, and privacy. It digs into the comedic and horrifying gold of the new technological advancements, ranging from growing an afterlife baby, mind-reading in real-time, to a company owning your crazy and steamy dreams as intellectual property. Its short length makes Upload a binge-worthy series.

Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrls, Season 1

Released on March 25, Lizzo’s watch out for the big grrls is a reality competition that promotes body positivity, support and personal growth, and development of one’s inner strength and potential. One character in the show, Grace Holden, said, “to be your real, raw, true embodied selves is the goal.” The show encourages people to appreciate art in the form of dance while setting new standards for tours and live performances in the music industry. An accurate depiction of grace, joy, resilience, and determination, Lizzo’s watch out for the big grrls season one is 100% that show to watch.

Turning the attention to older releases, here are some other shows to binge on Amazon’s Prime Video.

The Legend of Vox Machina

Released on January 28 this year, the animation fantasy series appeals to anime fans and is an addictive pill to Dungeons and Dragons-style RPG lovers. The show focuses on a band of bouncy, eccentric misfits—Vox Machina. The series’ protagonists go from broke bar-hoppers to fighters of crime and evil-stoppers in Exandria. The question raised is, why would anyone choose a group of societal rejects to defend the kingdom? Well, the answer lies within the original Prime Video show.

The Wheel of Time

It’s based on a series of high fantasy novels, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s wheel of time. The Wheel of Time offers an array of costume designs, well-lit fight scenes, and breathtaking landscapes. The TV show focuses on Moiraine, a member of a powerful women’s organization—the Aes Sedai. She is a heroine on a mission to find and destroy The Dark One. The fantasy, action, and adventure series explores a more socially conscious strategy with palpable intimacy scenes which are platonic and nothing more. This show goes on our list of binge-worthy TV shows on Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is home to more binge-worthy shows like The Underground Railroad, Forever, As We See It, Good Omens, The Wilds, etc. For as low as USD5.99 per month, enjoy exclusive Amazon Prime originals and other popular TV shows. Get your subscription today and watch the movies you like anywhere, downloadable on the go, and save data.


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