Must-Have Smart Home Accessories You’ve Never Heard Of

Tech evolution in the past decade has fueled the creation of smart home innovations made to make everyday mundane tasks easy for homeowners. Thanks to these innovations, you can get the small tasks out of the way and focus on the activities that really count in the long run. The best part is you can get these gadgets and gizmos at unbelievably low prices at a store near you. Let’s look at innovations that push the boundaries of technology and ingenuity to a whole new level.

1. Eve Aqua

Let’s face it, half of us are not morning people. If you’re not a morning person, waking up to turn on your sprinklers is analogous to torture. With Eve Aqua, you never have to worry about turning on your sprinklers every other morning. All you have to do is set up Eve Aqua between the hose and spigot, key in a schedule, and you’re all set. Your lawn will get its aqua dose on time every day; no hassle.

2. Hubitat

Say goodbye to the “cloud” for all your automated voice control needs with Hubitat Elevation hub. For sure, the internet is a dangerous place to store your most private data. Being security conscious is what the Hubitat Elevation Hub is all about. It may come at a steep price, but knowing all data on Alexa and Google assistant are stored locally gives you peace of mind worth every penny.

3. Bond

You can lose your remote, but you rarely lose your phone, which is why Bond allows you to control the fan from an app. The application can also connect your fan to Google Assistant or Alexa for unrivaled convenience. Now you can just tell the fan to turn off or on from anywhere in the home.

4. Echo Flex

Motion sensitive, night lights and Alexa; that is what you get from the Echo Flex. You can have this gadget anywhere in the house where you need light at night or Alexa without a large speaker. If you have a home workout, the echo flex is great for setting timers hands-free so you can focus on getting your work outdone.

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5. Wyze Home Security System

A while back, cameras retailed at high prices; Wyze security cameras have revolutionized the market, retailing their cameras at just $30. Now available in the home security kit, you can get the best security on the block. The package contains dual motion sensors, a Wyze hub, contact sensor and keypad. The only catch is you have to get a Wyze subscription to get the full benefits of the home security kit.

6. Nanoleaf Remote

If you love smart gadgets that are ingeniously designed, then you will love the Nanoleaf Remote. The remote works by controlling lights and other smart home accessories, featuring a dodecahedron design. You can control your smart gadgets by rotating the remote towards different sides. It may not be the typical way of doing things, but it is guaranteed to fascinate your friends and make you look sophisticated and cool.

Any challenges?

The only real challenge here is how to fit all these gadgets in your home because they all make life much easier and fun. If you’re interested, you can tinker with your new tech innovations and make them work in sync for increased convenience.


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