Ranking the Best Microphones for Streamers

Video streaming has been increasingly becoming a full-time career for thousands of new streamers every year. However, this means that streamers need to be very competitive in providing content that viewers really resonate with. Aspiring streamers should also look into choosing the best Blue Microphone for their audio quality. 


The podcasting industry has been overtaken by all types of podcasts, whether they be about politics or history. You must have the best microphone for anywhere you might be recording a podcast since listeners having to deal with your audio quality for hours on end. These reasons are why the Blue Yeti USB Microphone has been well-recommended to podcasters everywhere. The microphone features multiple pattern modes you can use to ensure that your audio quality sounds the best it can be no matter where you’re recording your podcast. Additionally, the microphone has no latency at all which means that you can instantly listen to your audio quality and see if you need to change your pattern mode to make the rest of your podcast sound great.


Gamers like to not have to tinker with their equipment when having long gaming sessions as you can easily get sucked out of winning a match or missing an important moment of the story. The Snowball iCE is a microphone built for gamers with a built-in stand and compatibility for any recording or gaming software, letting you plug it in and use it within minutes of getting it. 


Depending on the type of streamer you are, you might be interested in traveling but you need a solution to stream on the internet while not being at home. The Blue Snowflake is built perfectly for mobile streamers as the microphone is small enough to fit in your pocket while still featuring 16-bit sound recording. The microphone can also instantly work with PC and Mac devices, ensuring that you won’t have to tinker with any laptop you buy. 


Whether you’re someone who goes on live streaming platforms to play covers or your own original music, it can be difficult to find the right microphone for vocals. Traditionally, vocals can easily be altered in-studio to get the right vocal performance you’re looking for but you can’t get that necessary when you’re instantly uploading your vocals on the internet as you’re making them. The Blue Mix-Fi is a microphone built specifically for this issue with a 50mm driver so good that it won an Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development award from the Emmy’s. 


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