Springs Around the Corner! Upgrades and Enhancements With The Redesigned Pellet Grills From Traeger

Just in time to kick off the outdoor grilling season, renowned pellet grill maker Traeger introduces two new premium smokers. Perfect for an intimate dinner with neighbors or throwing the perfect backyard bash, the Traeger grills can help even a novice griller or smoker make perfect meats and sides every time.

Traeger’s two newest pellet grills, the Timberline ($3,499) and Timberline XL ($3,799), are priced sky-high in comparison to other pellet grills on the market but for a good reason. Although these grills are revamped versions of classic Trager Timberline series pellet grills, each one boasts modifications that completely revolutionize the experience.

Trager states that these new products will have significant enhancements that help users get the best result every time. Specifically, Trager has enhanced the range of the Timberline grill’s WiFi antenna, which means that you can roam throughout your home or yard and still monitor your food easily from your phone or tablet. People who love to entertain but hate being “chained to the grill” all day have long touted WiFi alert and monitoring as the perfect compromise between entertaining and creating delicious grilled or smoked dishes.

Users will also note that similar to Weber’s 2022 grill release, the new Timberline series also features a built-in light under the hood, making it easier to cook at night. Each grill also comes with a larger area of cooking space. The Timberline has 865 square inches of cooking, while the Timberline XL, truly living up to its name, boasts a whopping 1,320 square inches of cook space! With this much room, you can make your entire meal at once, from grilled steaks to roasted corn and even side dips – just place your favorite hot dip in a cast-iron skillet and heat in the pellet grill!

Perhaps the biggest upgrade to the Timberline series is the addition of two wireless temperature probes, which come bundled with the new Timberline models. These are especially useful when roasting or smoking larger or uneven cuts of meat or if you have multiple items on the grill at once. Perhaps the best feature is being able to remotely monitor the temperature of the food on the grill, ensuring that nothing is overdone or underdone.

Don’t think that your new, top-of-the-line Timberline pellet grill is just for grilling or smoking meat. With the new Timberline and Timberline XL, the company will ship an induction cooktop, which can be used for simmering sauces, searing steaks, or anything in between. Coupling this feature with the others the company provides, the hefty price tag we saw at first actually makes these Timberline grills look like a bargain.

Ready For This Summer’s Hottest Grill?

For the best in entertaining, opt for the Timberline family of pellet grills and smokers by Traeger. When you’re able to entertain and cook all in one place, your gatherings will be the talk of the neighborhood. While these extras, from the enhanced WiFi to probe less temperature controls and a light for night grilling, don’t come cheap, many grilling enthusiasts are more than willing to pony up the extra dollars for the extra space, convenient features, and especially the addition of an induction cooktop!

Expect Traeger’s new Timberline grills to ship in the US and Canada later this spring.


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