The Complete Guide to Buying Kids’ Beds for Parents

One minute you’re room-sharing with your newborn baby, you blink, and the next minute you’re tucking your toddler into bed. The first few years of your child’s life always seem to whizz by in a blur of diapers, sleepless nights, sticky fingers, and plenty of wonderful memories. 

The reality is that kids grow up before our very eyes, and before you know it, you need to buy your toddler a ”big boy” bed to suit his/her growing frame. Want to learn about what to look for when buying kids’ best that last? Check out the rest of this blog. 

1. Keep Their Growing Frame in Mind 

The first thing you ought to think about when looking for the perfect bed for your child is the fact that they’re going to grow and grow (and then grow some more). Not only does the bed need to suit their current and growing frame, but it might also need to have room for favorite blankets, toys, and teddies. 

One of the best things about children’s single beds is that they’re actually the same size as an adult single bed. This makes buying bedding rather easy, while the frame should suit your child’s height right up until adolescence. 

But when it comes to the height of the bed, there are a few things to consider while they’re still quite young. For one, you’ll need to ensure it’s low enough so that your child can easily climb into bed. You don’t want the bed to be any higher than 10-inches off the ground. If it is, consider using a step aid so that they can climb up without your assistance. Your end goal should be to encourage your child to get into bed on their own. 

Next, if you’re worried about them rolling out of bed, look for a frame that offers adjustable side rails. There are many bed variations that allow you to attach and detach railings as per your child’s age. 

2. Invest in Top-Quality Craftsmanship 

Think of your child’s bed as a long-term investment. Ideally, it should see them through their toddler years, right up until adolescence, if you’re lucky. That’s why you don’t want to settle for second best. 

When comparing bed costs, remember that cheaper is not always the better option — you always get what you pay for. Look for a kid’s bed provider that offers only the best craftsmanship and great quality, certified materials that last. 

Also, bear in mind that a kid’s bed is not just for quiet, peaceful sleeping. It’ll most likely turn into a trampoline/play center for your child and their friends. That’s another reason why durability is key! 

3. Keep Your Bed Style Broad 

On Monday your child is obsessed with Frozen and Princess Elsa, and then by Friday, they want to be an astronaut. It’s no secret that kids’ interests change on a dime and it’s sometimes a challenge to keep up. That’s why you want to overlook bed styles that are very particular or niche. 

A novelty bed shaped like a Ferrari is fun, but it’s not always practical with a child that has million-and-one different interests. Keep your style of bed relatively simple and it will see you through the years as your kids’ hobbies and interests change. Simple is best because it also blends easily with the style of their room as they age. 

You could always have fun and mix things up with bedding, cushions, and teddies. 

4. Allow Your Child Some Freedom of Choice

With the above point in mind, you also don’t want to stifle your child’s sense of independence and personality. It’s always a good idea to outline a few broad options first, then allow them the freedom of choice to pick a bed that they like most. 

This is a great tip because it’ll actually encourage your little one to take pride in their bedroom and keep it clean and tidy. Obviously, it’s up to you to choose a range of simple bed options, first. Then allow them to take their pick from your top 3/4 options. 

5. It’s Wise to Consider Future Children 

If you only have one child and you’re looking at upgrading their bed, you might want to think about the possibility of any future children you might have, too. If your plan is to have another, it’s worth investing in a bed set that will suit two children, such as bunk beds — especially if they’ll share a room. 

Today, there are various bunk bed configurations available. Some of them split into two single beds, meaning you can store the one bed until your next child arrives. Others even offer work desk stations, double bed attachments, and more. 

When bed shopping, it’s never a bad idea to consider the future and what might work for two, or even multiple children. 

6. Have You Thought About Storage Space?

It goes without saying that when you have kids, you never seem to have enough storage space — whether it’s throughout your home or in their bedroom. One of the best kid’s bed features you need to look for is the offer of additional storage space. 

Kid’s beds that offer built-in storage are a lifesaver for busy parents. Some of them might offer shelving, under-bed compartments you can wheel in and out for easy access, or side drawers. All in all, you’ll never regret the purchase of a multi-functional bed as you can never have enough storage when you have kids! 

7. Don’t Forget About the Mattress 

While spinal health might not seem like a big deal for children, it’s actually imperative to how they develop over time. This means it’s super important to invest in a mattress that supports your child’s spine as they grow. 

Any pediatric orthopedist will tell you that a good mattress is essential in avoiding certain deformities of the spine, such as scoliosis. Today, you can find specialized orthopedic mattresses that are double-sided. This means that one side is good for sleeping, from an orthopedic sense. While the other is ideal for playing and jumping. You can simply flip the mattress from day to night. 

You also want to purchase a mattress that’s breathable, as well as a mattress protector for inevitable spills or nighttime accidents. 

We Make Buying Kids’ Beds Easy 

If buying kids’ beds is on your radar in the near future, Nest Bedding is here to help you find the perfect fit. We not only offer bed frames, but a brilliant array of mattress options to suit your child’s development. 

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