The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Mattresses

Did you know a mattress can double in weight over the space of 10 years? This weight can damage your back when it comes to flipping it over.

Sleeping 8 hours a night across ten years adds up to over 29000 hours. That’s a lot of usage from your mattress. 

Have you decided it is time to buy a new mattress for your bed? This can be quite a daunting task for some. Keep reading this buyers guide, and hopefully, we can help this task to become easier.

Buyers Guide on What to Think About With a New Mattress

Do you want a comfy bed to help you sleep? Or, do you want to watch TV from bed with a margarita in hand? No matter the reason, you will want the best mattress for yourself.

When it comes to buying a new mattress, there is a list of things to consider. Let’s cover a few to help you choose your mattress.

Work Out Your Budget

Before you even consider looking for a new mattress, work out your budget. You won’t want to put yourself in trouble by purchasing a mattress. If you would like any tips on how to budget, follow this link.

How Comfy Is the Mattress?

The first thing to check is how comfy your potential new mattress is. You will be spending around 29000 hours on this mattress. You will want it to be relaxing.

Does the material of the mattress cause you to heat up? Growing too warm during the night can affect the depth at which you sleep. Make sure you choose a mattress that gives you the best night’s sleep.

What Support Does It Offer?

When you enter a mattress company, ask if you can test some mattresses out. Lay your body flat on the bed. How does it make your neck and spine feel?

Over time, a bad mattress can affect such things as your spine. Slowly moving your spine out of alignment, a bad mattress can lead to severe pains throughout the body.

How Durable Is It?

As I mentioned above, people can own mattresses for up to and over ten years. You will want your mattress to stand the tests of time. 

Look for the mattresses that use the best materials. You may find your cheaper options won’t last as long.

What Level of Motion Does It Have?

This point is for those who share a bed. How many of you have been woken up at night by your partner’s movements?

Finding a mattress with a low level of motion transfer will help couples to sleep at night. You shouldn’t have to worry about waking your partner up anymore.

How Safe Is It?

Safety should be your main priority with everything you do. This is the same for buying mattresses.

Do a bit of research on each companies history. Are they accurate with which materials they are using for the bed?

Your mattress should be able to withstand up to at least 30 seconds of open flames. If the unfortunate event of your house being set alight. You can use your mattress as a shield from the fire for a short amount of time.

Different Mattress Sizes

Many of you may know that mattresses come in a range of sizes. Each size will depend on the occupier’s desires.


At 39″ X 74″, a twin-sized mattress is the smallest one available. They are designed for single bed frames. You can opt for a Twin XL, giving you a bit more space at 39″ X 80″.


Your Full/Double mattress is for those single occupiers who want more space. At 54″ X 74″, it may be a bit snug for a couple to share.


A Queen-sized mattress is your basic sharer-sized mattress. At 60″ X 80″, there is plenty of space for a couple to sleep side by side.


Your King sized mattress targets couples who wish for a bit more space between them at night. At 76″ X 80″, you won’t have to worry about getting warm by sharing a bed.

California King Bed

In the words of Rhianna, you can sleep ‘Dusk to Dawn, With the Curtains draw’ on a California King-sized mattress. Coming in at 72″ X 84″, this size is the most significant sized mattress available.

Ir perfect for those couples who love their space at night. Or for those single occupiers to truly stretch out across space.

Different Types of Mattress

Now you have thought about your perfect-sized mattress. Let’s now look at a few different types of mattresses. 


An innerspring-style mattress is probably the most common type of mattress available. It gives the body support through a system of coils. 

These coils are padded to allow comfort when laying on them. However, over time this padding can grow relatively thin. This could potentially lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep.


A foam-style mattress is made up entirely of foam. This gives the occupier far better support than the innerspring.

It does this by molding around the body as you lay on it. This style has also been found to relieve pressure during the night. 


A hybrid-style mattress as the innerspring system is surrounded by a thicker material. For example, foam.

This blend allows you the bouncy feel of the innerspring. At the same time, it will allow the durability of a foam mattress.

Pick the Mattress of Your Dreams

We hope this buyers guide to mattresses will help you with your search. Which one will you go for?

Will you go for a Full/Double mattress to spread yourself out? Will you listen to Rhianna and go for the full-out California King?

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