Top 9 Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Consider for the Winter

Colder temperatures and long, dark nights can disrupt your sleep cycle. And with the dreary weather and stress of the holidays, this can make winter a difficult time for some.

But there is plenty to love about it too! Steaming mugs of hot cocoa in bed, staying warm inside while a storm rages outside, and seasonal decor that will make your bedroom look so cozy. 

If you need some bedroom decorating ideas for winter, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these top tips to transform your fall hangout into a winter wonderland. Make your bedroom a cocoon of coziness!

1. Switch Out Your Comforters and Bed Sheets

This is a fantastic way to redecorate your bedroom for winter whilst also making sure you have the warmth you need to sleep at night. 

Because it’s unlikely the thickness of your summer comforter will be warm enough for winter. Opt for a 600-800 fill comforter in cold conditions. And if you live in a cold, snowy climate and tend to run cold, you may even want to opt for an 800 fill comforter. 

Consider investing in a weighted blanket for those lazy days watching Netflix and eating popcorn on the couch. They help ease stress and anxiety, not to mention they are super comfortable. 

If your bedroom decoration budget allows, spring for new bedsheets, too. Fleece-lined sheets or jersey cotton sheets are perfect for cold winter nights.

2. Invest in Candles, Burners, and Wintery Scents

Candles are ideal seasonal bedroom decorations because they not only look pretty, but you can choose scents that match the season. 

Here are some great scents for winter and the holiday season:

  • Warm cinnamon
  • Cider apple
  • Spiced vanilla
  • Gingerbread
  • Pine tree

You may also enjoy clean linen and musk scents in winter too. If you want to lean into the winter vibe, opt for a tealight log and place it across your window ledge.

3. Add Some Winter Flower Bouquets

Flowers often scream “springtime!” but there are tons of ways to use decorative flowers for bedrooms in the wintertime. 

Poinsettias are a popular potted plant around Christmastime because they have deep red and green leaves. You could add one to your dresser or opt for a convincing faux flower pot if you aren’t great at keeping houseplants alive!

But if you are looking for winter bedroom decoration ideas that are less festive, have you heard about dried flower bouquets? Ask your local florist about them and opt for corn-hued flowers like natural hill flowers and oats.

4. Go Tizzy for Tartan or Silly for Scandinavian Prints

When buying new bedsheets and throw cushions for winter, two options stand out as “winter” prints above all others. Those are tartan and Scandinavian-style prints.

Tartan is a fantastic option because it’s available in so many different colors. So, you could still stick to your bedroom’s original color theme while giving it a winter twist. The prints often found on Scandinavian knitwear have a gorgeous wintery look, too. 

5. Opt For Softer Mood Lighting

The nights might be darker, but there’s no need to use the overpowering, main light in your bedroom. Take the opportunity to use all the great winter bedroom lighting options out there as a cool bedroom decoration.

You could go for a classic lighting option and hang fairy lights for a cozy grotto look. Weave them around your curtain poles and headboard and hold them in place using transparent tape.

Or, invest in a couple of new lamps. Choose lamps with bell-shaped lampshades to keep the light low and soft.

6. Make Your Own Decorative Wreaths

If you like dried flowers as winter bedroom decoration ideas, why not use them for bedroom wall decorations, too? You could make your own wreath and hang it above your bed as a focal point in your room.

All you need to make a wreath is the wire wreath shape, wire cutters, gloves, and your favorite foliage. You could choose luscious green, but for winter, you might want to opt for dried flowers, acorns, and corn.

Follow a tutorial, grab a few friends, and turn it into a fun afternoon activity.

7. Blankets, Blankets Everywhere

Let’s face it, decorative flowers look gorgeous, but nothing will make your bedroom look cozier than 507 blankets. Give or take a few.

Choose blankets made of natural (or close to natural) materials like wool, cotton, and faux fur. You could even crochet your own thick wool blanket if you fancy another art project this winter.

8. Create a Snow White Winter Wonderland

White is one of the best colors to decorate your bedroom. It evokes feelings of peace and serenity, which makes it easier for you to sleep. And since it is the color of snow, it makes the perfect color for your winter bedroom. 

Spring for white bed sheets, pillowcases, curtains, and throw pillows. Change your lightbulbs from yellow and orange-tinged bulbs to bright white ones. 

If repainting your walls and baseboards is out of the question for one season, find a beautiful soft white faux fur rug and some white wall hangings. 

9. Don’t Forget the Hot Water Bottle and Tea Pot

Who says decorative items can’t be functional? Hot water bottles and a teapot (with a stand for safety) make the best decorative finishing touches to your winter bedroom.

You could buy a tartan hot water bottle cover and tea cozy to stay in line with your bedroom’s winter theme. Or, opt for a Moroccan-style teapot for extra sophistication. And instead of a hot water bottle, lavender-filled microwavable pillows provide an extra dose of relaxation.

Want More Bedroom Decoration Ideas?

Redecorating your bedroom in line with the seasons is a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy the changes of nature.

And you don’t have to call the painters or rip up your carpet four times a year! A few tweaks can make all the difference to your environment and mood.

If you want more bedroom decoration ideas, check out this range of eco-friendly bedsheets. With a 30-night trial, what have you got to lose?


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